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Will Griffin
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Join Our Growing Team!
If you’re not in the right environment, it is hard to be successful.
Joining the right agency is the most important career decision you can make.
While working as agents, we realized that there was a need in the market for an agency that truly understood the value of their agents. We built this agency with policies designed to reward your efforts and streamline your success.  
Our commission scale is designed to give you more flexibility with higher returns. See more information.
Choose your level of participation. For our team-oriented agents, we have scheduled workshops designed to develop your business. For the independent minded agent, we provide behind-the-scenes support. 
Whether looking for a career in Real Estate or seeking a more personally supportive and financially rewarding agency, we invite you to contact us to discuss your goals.
If you are a licensed agent but find you are too busy to pursue the business, why not become a referral agent. Use your license to gain financially through simple referrals.
We encourage innovative thinking and are always open to new ideas.